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“Thank you so much for such a great investee workshop! I was pleased to see all the positive responses. I truly appreciated all the time, energy and thoughtfulness you put into the session. It definitely showed. I have to say you were an absolute delight and professional to work with and I really valued your considerations and attention to detail.” 

Lynn Coriano
Director, Community Investment
Social Venture Partner

“Thank you very much for your kindness and taking the time to come to Plymouth (Church). It’s a blessing to have your clarity and experiential guidance on such an “elusive” subject as change.” 

Deb Easter and Molly Stearns
Plymouth United Church of Christ

“I took this class because I knew there was more in me and I could do more. I just needed to find it, release it, and embrace it, whatever it is. When I took the class, I felt a blossoming, a resurgence of what is inside me. It is in fact a reconfirmation of what makes me, ME. Every single person has gifts to be shared and exposed. The class allowed me to rediscover my self and was a tremendous confidence builder. Thank you for your caring and your leadership.” 

Continuing Education Course, Olympic College





Nancy McCaughey is a licensed facilitator for a wide selection of transformational transition and career related workshops designed for individual leaders inside organizations.  These workshops focus on developing essential skills in managing one's own career and coaching employees in their's, working on purpose, as well as navigating change and planning for the next career chapter (whether it's a mid-career course change or looking ahead to retirement.)

Nancy combines her authentic and engaging facilitation style, with her insight, knowledge and passion for the subjects of career, purpose, and transition.  Her workshops set the stage for an experiential learning opportunity that leads to new understanding, practical tools and information that have real-world application, and greater impact and satisfaction of your valued employees.  

The Cycle of Renewal:  Mastering the Art of Navigating Change (half or full day workshop)

Reaching your preferred future was once as simple as having a vision and implementing a strategy. In our world of constant surprises, lives and careers must be realigned—and sometimes redesigned—again and again as we move through life. How can we use change as a resource to renew life purpose and joy? What new chapters can be created through the power of renewal?

"The Cycle of Renewal: Navigating Through Change” workshop, which can be customized to a half-day or full-day program, helps participants identify and appreciate their current position in the Cycle of Renewal. Based on the nationally-recognized work of Drs. Pamela MacLean and Frederic M. Hudson who are pioneering leaders in the coaching and adult development fields, participants are challenged to examine their beliefs about stability and learn how to use change as a resource to renew their purpose, balance, and joy. By identifying and appreciating their current position in the change cycle, powerful plans emerge that support individual growth and a new chapter for their career and organization.

This workshop is ideal for individuals seeking renewal or facing challenges such as:

  • Transitions in professional and personal areas of life
  • Questions about the pursuit of one’s passions and sense of purpose
  • An emerging desire to engage more fully, make a meaningful contribution and have a lasting impact

Working on Purpose (full day workshop)

This popular one-day workshop is designed for leaders and emerging leaders approaching changes in their profession and experiencing transitions that are unique to the midlife/mid-career stages.  Developed by best selling author Richard Leider this workshop provides knowledge and tools to help you reinvent yourself with a special emphasis on:

  • understanding your singular purpose
  • provide clarity around direction to help make conscious career and life choices
  • develop the confidence and motivation you need to help you move forward

On the Job:  Maximizing Career Satisfaction & Success (half and full day workshops)

A vital workforce has employees and managers who recognize three things:  Change is an expected part of doing business; ongoing learning and development on the job represents the fuel that keeps organizations vital; and employees must arm themselves with an understanding of their professional development, capacity to stay engaged and the skills to continually adapt to change.

On The Job: Maximizing Career Satisfaction and Success is designed to support career development skills of both your employees and their managers: 

OTJ: Career Workshop for Employees (half-day) 

Teaches employees how to create working strategies to increase their daily develoment in a way that is meaningful to them and their organization.  Gives employees time to plan how to professionally develop in a way that is uniquely rewarding and provides increased job satisfaction, heightened engagement and better preparation for current and future roles.  Provides a tangible way for employees to take ownership and plan for their preofessional growth, rather than depend solely on their manager.  

OTJ: Career Workshop for Managers (full-day)

Similar to the employee training, this workshop offers managers a tangible framework for understanding and engineering their professional growth.  Provides time to plan for their own development and learn working strategies that they can use to address and discuss professional development with their employees.  Develops understanding on how to apply the concepts to current assignments as well as preparation for future roles.  

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