For individual clients, Nancy McCaughey Coaching provides a selection of services for all of your career needs. Whether you want to renew your passion for your career, make a significant midlife career transition, create a development plan to continue your satisfaction and success, or have a private career & life planning retreat to envision and plan the next chapter of your career and life, we will tailor the length of each engagement to meet your needs and achieve your objectives. 

For organizations, Nancy McCaughey Coaching also offers a number of ways we can support your senior and high potential leaders' as they plan, develop and transition their careers.  

Career & Transition Coaching Engagements

For our private individual clients who want to renew, realign, or reinvent their career, we offer three levels of Transformational Career & Transition Coaching Engagements.  Depending on the depth of your career renewal, realignment or reinvention, we can help you determine the best coaching engagement level for your needs.  Engagements are highly customized to your unique goals, and can be lengthened or shortened if your desired outcomes change or expand along the way.  All private coaching engagements include a Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment and report.  (12- 48 hours over approximately three to 12 months)  Learn more

Success Strategy Sessions

For career and transition coaching clients who have worked with us for a minimum of three months, we offer Success Sessions on an as-needed basis.  Periodically, Success Sessions are the perfect way for you to stay connected to your vision and focused on what's most important.  We will help you when your demands are making it difficult for you to stay passionate about your work, find a balance between work and life, or make your best contribution. We'll help you design strategies to continue your professional and personal growth and sustain your engagement level.  Since we already know you well and we have a trusted relationship established, you can easily set up an appointment with us when you most need it - when you are setting your annual or quarterly performance goals, preparing for an interview, or creating a 90 day transition plan for your new role.   And, from time to time, you may just need a sounding board to walk through a difficult leadership or career challenge. Once a client, we hope you consider us part of your ongoing support team and a creative thought partner for your continued career success.  (Two to four hour sessions)  Learn more

Private Retreats for Career and Life Planning 

If you would like to have your own facilitated Private Retreat for Designing Your Next Chapter, Nancy will customize a visioning and planning session designed to meet your needs and learning styles. An inspiring waterfront B&B or intimate in-town getaway on Bainbridge Island will be arranged to provide the perfect setting to imagine what's next for you. Over the one or two day retreat, you will creatively design your roadmap for your next career and life chapter.  A Life Review and Inventory, one-hour pre-retreat planning session, custom designed coaching sessions over one or two days, and a two-hour follow-up coaching session upon returning home are included.  It's a perfect gift for yourself, for you and your spouse, or to share with a small group of close friends.  Accommodations and catered meals are addiitonal.  (One or two days)  Learn more

Coaching For Your Leaders 

Nancy McCaughey Coaching provides executive career and transition coaching for mid to senior level leaders as a key component of your organization's leadership development or talent engagement/retention initiatives.  Companies also engage us to support their valued leaders who may be at a turning point in their career and/or personal life, and want to privately to figure out what's next for them.  Learn more

Assessments For Your Leaders

We know how important it is to support the growth and development of your leaders, managers, and key people to achieve your goals, create a growth mindset, improve communication, and foster strong working relationships. Nancy McCaughey Coaching offers a variety of career, leadership and 360 feedback assessments to assist your leaders expand their self-awareness, develop their leadership competencies, and support meaningful and sustainable behavior change.  Learn more

Workshops For Your Leaders 

Nancy McCaughey is a licensed facilitator for a wide selection of career development and transition-related workshops designed for individual leaders inside organizations.  These workshops focus on developing essential skills in navigating change, managing one's own career and coaching employees in their careers, and planning for the next career chapter (whether it's a mid-career course change or looking ahead to retirement.)  Nancy combines her authentic and engaging facilitation style, with her insight, knowledge and passion for the subjects of career and transition.  Her workshops set the stage for an experiential learning opportunity that leads to new understanding, as well as providing practical tools and information that have real-world application.  Learn more

Connect with us and learn more about how we can help you when you’re ready to rethink your career or support your leaders to do their best work and experience career satisfaction and success.