Nancy McCaughey Coaching clients are seasoned professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs who come to us from a wide range of companies, non-profits, and industries located in Seattle and beyond:

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Our clients are talented, passionate, and experienced professionals who are in the mid to late stage of their career, and come from a large cross-section of businesses, organizations and sectors. After many years of enjoying success and growth during their first half of their career, they are at a turning point - trying to envision “what’s next,” and determining the best strategy to renew, realign or reinvent their career.  They want their work to be more energizing, aligned with who they are, and more balanced with priorities that are changing in the second half of life. They want their work to matter and offer new challenges to continue their professional and personal growth.

What's On Our Clients' Minds

Often our clients realize that their career identity that was once satisfying and worked for the first half of their career, is not as fulfilling anymore.  They are at a point when they feel it's time to reevaluate where they've been and think about what's next.  They are trying to figure out if there's a way they can renew their passion and commitment for the career they are in, or if it is time to move on and make a change.  These are some of the things our clients are reflecting upon and seriously reevaluating:  

  • How did I get here? 
  • What do I really love to do and what do I do best?
  • What do I want my next chapter of my life and career to look like?
  • What really matters to me at this stage and how do I get more flexibility?
  • How am I defining success? 
  • What has my life been about?  What will my legacy be?
  • Why am I here and what am I meant to do?
  • I’ve achieved what I set out to accomplish. Now, what?

Some look at this time in their career and life as an opportunity to take stock and make the changes that will improve their satisfaction and balance in the career they have. Others want to discover their calling and find a new direction for the second half of their career. But, what they all want is a better sense of who they are, why they’re here, and what they want that would be more fulfilling, aligned and satisfying at this stage of their life and career.

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