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“If you are a mid-life professional exploring career directions, look no further than Nancy McCaughey. I interviewed many Hudson-trained coaches and selected Nancy because she has the training and background perfectly suited to my coaching issues. She is always well prepared and stays true to the coaching modality in working with professional women on career issues. I had nothing short of a transformational experience in my time working with Nancy.” 

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Nancy McCaughey Coaching offers three levels of  transformational career and transition coaching engagements designed for seasoned professionals in midlife who want to renew, realign or reinvent their career and figure out what's next. We facilitate client-centered coaching sessions using a highly customized and effective three-phase process: 

RENEW is designed for professionals who feel it’s time to reassess their current situation, get back in touch with what they do best, what energizes them, and why they decided to do what they do. The goals are often a greater sense of satisfaction, balance and success achieved by refocusing on who they are and what really matters. (12 hours of private coaching over 3 months)

REALIGN is designed for professionals who are feeling ready for a change. They still love what they do, but they are questioning where or how they do it. They want to take time to clarify what’s working and what’s not, so the change they make will lead to a more meaningful, satisfying and authentically – aligned career direction. (12-24 hours of private coaching over 3-6 months)

REINVENT is designed for professionals who are ready to start a new career and life chapter, but don't know what that looks like. They want to get clarity about what work would be purposeful, energizing and meaningful to them for the second half of their life and career.  They are committed to discovering who they are, identify a new and more fulfilling career direction, design work that works with their changing life priorities, and create a strategic career plan for the next 5-10 years. (24-48 hours of private coaching over 6-12 months)

Our Coaching Process

Whether you want to renew, realign or reinvent your career, our three-phase coaching process is based on a proven transition model that provides you the structure and flexibility you need to successfully design and navigate your career transformation.

Because the career decisions and transitions for seasoned professionals are more significant, personal and complex in midlife, our work goes deeper than most traditional career coaching service.  At the beginning of each engagement, we will map out a plan that is customized to meet your needs, timeframe and aspirational career and personal development goals.  

Phase 1 Self-Discovery

In this first phase, you will have the opportunity for "taking stock" and self-reflection, using some unique methods: telling your career and life story, appreciating what has most influenced and shaped you, gathering the wisdom you've gained from your experience thus far, and get to the heart of what makes you, you.  Self understanding is the foundation for creating an authentic career chapter that fits you.  You will: 

  • the values and priorities that guide your decisions
  • name your gifts and talents, unique strengths, guiding values, knowledge, experience, and true passions
  • assess what is working and what’s not
  • decide what you want to hold on to or let go of for the next phase of your career

Phase 2 Future Vision

This phase gives you permission to dream, imagine your next chapter, and describe its essence without censoring yourself. Unimagined possibilities emerge and you become empowered, engaged and inspired by a new dream for your future. Your vision is what calls you and compels you to action - bringing focus back to your North Star.  It is here, that you’ll imagine a new career chapter built upon:

  • the values and priorities that guide your decisions
  • the passions and aspirations that motivate you
  • the purpose that gives meaning to your work 

Phase 3 Strategic Roadmap

Although there is much generic advice in books and on the Internet on how to search for a job, when it comes to creating your next career chapter, we believe it’s critical to design a creative search strategy that reflects your unique strengths, experience and style, and maximizes your connections.  Crafting your next career chapter rarely happens in a linear, prototypic way. We will help you to create a flexible and strategic road map that: 

  • sets your intentions for creating a fulfilling new career chapter and a timeline that works
  • identifies the essential milestones to research, explore and test options
  • prepares you to authentically present and position yourself as you build an expanded network
  • effectively and efficiently accesses and connects you with the marketplace
  • creates a support team that will help you to stay focused and motivated as you bring your vision to reality