If you are a seasoned professional who wants to renew your passion for the career you are in, realign your work with who you are, or reinvent your career and begin a new and more fulfilling chapter, I invite you to explore our website.  Better yet, take the next step and connect with us to arrange a complimentary consultation. We'll discuss where you are and how we can help you answer the question, "What's next?"  I look forward to meeting you when it’s time to think about your career direction and what you want for the next stage of your work and life.

 Nancy McCaughey

Founder | Certified Career & Transition Coach


We are located in Seattle's Downtown Waterfront area.  

Call us at 206.914.8606 or  

Email us if you want to know more or to schedule an appointment.


“I researched high and low. Nancy is one of the top career coaches in Seattle for mid-life professionals. She has the ability to ask just the right questions and helped me connect the dots and discover my true calling. I would turn to Nancy again in a heartbeat when I reach my next career shift.” 

  Nancy Manzo
Midlife Career Coaching Client




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    What We Do

    Nancy McCaughey Coaching, LLC offers transformational career and transition coaching services designed for seasoned professionals in midlife who want to renew, realign or reinvent their career and figure out what's next. 

    We offer three levels of transformational coaching engagements, each with their own timeframe to address the different needs of the career transformation you want to make.  For more information, CLICK on the coaching engagement below that describes the level of transformation and outcomes you want. 

    When it’s time to experience more joy, balance, passion and success in the career you have.

    Bring a renewed sense of energy, engagement and success back to your work. Take stock of what makes you unique, what matters, and what gets you up in the morning.  Increase self-awareness, improve working relationships, and find new ways to grow. Create a plan that uses your best talents while restoring balance to your work and life. (12 hours of private coaching over three months)

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    When it’s time to find a career direction that is more satisfying and authentically aligned with who you are. 

     Whether you decide it’s time to utilize your talents in a new way where you are, or move on to do what you love somewhere else, you will have a chance to reassess what's working and what's not, reimagine your work, and map out a transition plan to improve or restructure the work you do. (12-24 hours of private coaching over three to six months) 

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    When it’s time to discover, design and create a new, more fulfilling career & life chapter.

    Take time to reevaluate where you are in your career & life.  Discover a new direction, vision and strategic plan for your next career chapter that authentically reflects who you are, expresses your passions and purpose, and gives you time to focus on what's important to you for this stage of your life. (24-48 hours of private coaching over six to 12 months) 

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    How We Work

    Whether you want to renew, realign or reinvent your career, our client-centered coaching engagements use a highly customized three-phase coaching process, based on a proven transition model.  We provide you the structure and flexibility you need as you intentionally create and navigate a successful career transformation.  Our unique approach will help you: 

    • gain clarity and perspective about your career goals and discover the unique gifts and strengths you offer,
    • build confidence with a compelling vision and strategic plan that will lead to a more balanced and fulfilling career direction,
    • find courage to step out of your comfort zone and intentionally create more meaning, satisfaction and success in your career and life.  Learn More

    What's Unique About Us

    With over 10 years' experience working with seasoned professionals who are rethinking their career for the second half of life, we understand how important it is to address the whole person and the unique, and often challenging, aspects of the midlife career transformation: 

    Discovering authentic work – when you want to do work that uses your unique gifts (your special set of strengths, passions, experience, knowledge and inspired purpose) and contributes to something that is meaningful, satisfying and makes a difference.

    Taking stock for a new stage of life– when you approach or are in the second half of your career and you realize that your priorities and values are shifting, you have an inner desire to understand what your life is about, you want to reconnect with your passions and desire to experience more flexibility to enjoy the important things in life that go beyond your work.  

    Navigating and thriving in uncertainty – when significant change brings with it a high level of uncertainty and you realize that your focus needs to shift from what's ending to reconnecting with your true self and creating the new reality you want.

    Unsure what we mean by "career transformation," or which one of these engagements would be best for your needs?   Learn more about what we mean by "career transformation," or better yet, connect with us for your own complimentary consultation to explore which one of these engagements would be best for you.