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“From my very first meeting with Nancy I was struck by her empathetic listening and holistic approach and process to the challenges I was experiencing with stepping into my midlife maelstrom. She has been an incredibly helpful guide providing me with a farsighted overview of the terrain and process that I would need to go through to heal, evaluate, investigate and redefine my career and life. Along the way her compassionate listening, questioning and guidance has helped me stay true to the core challenges and rewards on my path of discovery. I only wish our paths had crossed ten years sooner.” 

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Whether you want to renew, realign or reinvent your career, our three-phase coaching process is based on a proven transition model that provides you the structure and flexibility you need to successfully design and navigate your career transformation.

Because the career decisions and transitions for seasoned professionals are more significant, personal and complex in midlife, our work goes deeper than most traditional career coaching service.  At the beginning of each engagement, we will map out a plan that is customized to meet your needs, timeframe and aspirational career and personal development goals.  


Phase 1 Self-Discovery – REEVALUATE | REFLECT | RECLAIM

This phase is designed to help you “take stock,” giving you the rare opportunity to tell your career and life story, appreciate what has influenced and shaped you, gather the wisdom from lessons learned, and get to the heart of what makes you unique. This is the foundation work of all of our programs where you will name your gifts and talents, unique strengths, guiding values, knowledge, experience, and true passions; assess what is working and what’s not; and decide what you want to hold on to or let go of for the next phase of your career.

Phase 2 Visioning Possibilities – VISUALIZE | EXPLORE | COMMIT

This phase gives you permission to dream, imagine your next chapter, and describe its essence without censoring yourself. Unimagined possibilities emerge and you become empowered, engaged and inspired by a new dream, a new vision for your future. Your vision is what calls you and compels you to action - bringing focus back to your North Star - the values and priorities that guide your decisions, the passions and aspirations that motivate you, the purpose that gives meaning to your work. It is here, that you’ll also identify implications for action and non-action. You’ll name potential obstacles, limiting beliefs and assumptions that can stand in your way, but no longer serve your highest goals. You’ll devise strategies for overcoming them, so they don’t undermine your confidence and success.

Phase 3 Design Plan – STRATEGY | PREPARE | LAUNCH

Although there is much advice in books and on the Internet on how to search for a job, when it comes to creating your next career chapter, we believe it’s critical to design a strategy that is personalized for you and have a thought partner to be there for support and guidance. Crafting your next career chapter is a creative process and thus, it rarely happens in a linear way. It starts with a clear intention and followed with a well-thought-out plan that leverages your unique strengths, experience and style. We will help you to create a strategic road map that defines your objectives, identifies steps to take to explore and test options, and prepares you to authentically present yourself and effectively connect with the marketplace. The real results happen when “the rubber meets the road” and you move from thinking and talking to action. We will be there to guide and encourage you as you launch your plan and bring your vision into reality.


Nancy McCaughey Coaching provides a safe environment for you to explore, clarify, affirm, discover, and claim what makes you unique, what matters most, and what you’re meant to do. Additionally, Nancy guides clients with compassion through the process using her deep listening skills, creative thinking, valuable insights, challenging questions, and deep understanding and experience of the midlife career transition. With ten years’ experience specializing in midlife career transition coaching, Nancy is an effective and impactful thought partner and transition guide for clients during this unique career and life shift, as well as for other strategically important decisions.


Depending on the complexities of the situation, and extent of the change and transition, Nancy tailors the length of each engagement to meet your needs and achieve your objectives. What is the end result? It is ultimately discovering and feeling empowered to create more aligned, fulfilling, and meaningful work for the next stage of your career.

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